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Grizzly moving not only helps you to transport your belongings but also in the actual packing. Packing itself is a tedious task and tough to achieve without breaking or misplacing anything. A lot of people assume that only a few boxes and tape are enough for the packing purpose, but this isn’t the case. Our professional movers are well aware of all the supplies that will speed up the moving process and also make it much easier for you. Our company will save you from going store to store in search of boxes and other similar tasks. We will provide you with all the necessary supplies that will help to keep your possessions safe while traveling.

Free Usage

– intelligent, skillful, clean-cut movers highly-trained in customer service – always polite and resourceful
– reliable, well-maintained 26-foot fully-equipped moving truck with a large power lift-gate and an extra-large enclosed box
– protection for your front door and door jambs
– transparent sticky film for protecting carpeted floor (the film is designed for contractors and will not damage your carpet in any way)
– rubberized runners for protecting hardwood, tile, or similar hard flooring
– at least 60 professional-grade very thick moving blankets; this is the best protection for your furniture you could possibly find
– unlimited packing tape, shrink-wrap, and bubble wrap
– at least 3 heavy-duty furniture four-wheeled dollies
– at least 3 heavy-duty hand trucks
– bungees and ratchet straps for securing items inside of the truck
– speed pack, a large open top box for smaller non-fragile items that are hard to pack into boxes (e.g. vacuums, brooms, small step stools, whiteboards/chalkboards, decorations, and etc.)
– at least 8 wardrobe boxes (large boxes with a horizontal rod, basically a portable closet for your garments on hangers – no need to deal with ironing your wrinkled clothes after the move)
– lifting systems for heavier and bulkier items (forearm forklift, shoulder dolly, etc.)
– power tools for speedy disassembly and reassembly of your furniture
– special equipment (only if requested: reefer dolly, piano board, stair-climbing dolly, etc.)
– smiles and jokes of our employees

Moving boxes and blankets

Boxes are of the utmost importance when it comes to packing but you cannot stuff all items into similar boxes. Items that are heavy but small in size will need small-sized sturdy boxes. While, boxes that have dividers will be best for smaller, lighter items and cutlery. The size of the boxes will vary, depending upon the size of the objects.

Ropes and straps

Ropes and straps come in handy when there is a need to tie boxes. These are also very useful for securing the position of the boxes in the truck. If the position of the boxes stays intact, chances of any damage reduce to almost zero.

Tapes and labeling material

Tapes are used for securing closed boxes which will, in turn, secure the safety of your belongings. We use good quality tapes because the quality of tape does affect the overall packaging. Labeling materials may seem insignificant but they do make a lot of difference at the time of unpacking and placing your goods. Labeling can be done by writing on the boxes or pasting colored stickers that correlate with a specific room, dictated by the same color.

Furniture covers and pads

Furniture of any household takes up a decent quotient of the expensive stuff. We make sure to properly wrap the furniture in covers and surround them with pads; to ensure their safety. This cushioning and wrapping helps in securing them during the transit period.

Bubble wrap and stretch wraps

You might have small items that are expensive and need special care, this is exactly where we need bubble wrap. It helps to protect breakable materials like glass showpieces and cutlery. The stretch wrap helps to keep the cupboard doors, drawers, etc closed and also avoid scratches. It can also be wrapped around wooden furniture.


A lot of larger items can easily be fitted into smaller boxes, once dismantled. So, the toolbox is necessary at such times and helps to fit your possessions into movable boxes and finally into the trucks. The toolset is also of great use at the time unpacking.

Cleaning supplies

Garbage bags, brooms, dustbins, etc will help to clean up the place before you move in. After we place your belongings in a clean area, it will be a lot easier for you to settle down.

For Purchase

Small Box 1.5 cuft

17” x 12 3/8” x 12 3/8”


Medium Box 3.0 cuft

18″ x 18″ x 16″


Large Box 4.5 cuft

18″ x 18″ x 24″




Small Mirror Packs


Medium Mirror Packs


Large Mirror Packs


4-Piece Mirror Packs


TV Box


Wardrobe Boxes

*If you keep it


Moving Blankets

*If you keep it


Ratchet Strap




Shrink Wrap

4 rolls


Packing Tape

36 rolls