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Do you need local moving services from a prompt and reliable local moving company in San Diego? Whether you are moving across the city or just outside of it, you can take advantage of the excellent service provided by our local moving teams. The Grizzly Moving & Storage company offers full-service local moving for both small and large loads. Our local moving service is suitable for any person, family, or company that meets to transport all their furniture and other belongings to a new home or place of business. With all the professional attention we give every client, you can rest assured that your belongings will be taken care of to a high degree no matter how little or much you have to move. No job is too small or too large for the Grizzly team.


We serve the greater San Diego, California area. That is where our business is based, and that is where we provide local moving services. In general, any move within a 100 mile diameter circle gets defined as local for service contract needs. For more specific information about your particular location and where you need to move to, contact us at any time at 844-GRIZZLY to talk with a customer service representative. We are standing by to answer your questions and give you more information about local moving services.


With Grizzly Moving & Storage’s local moving service, you get the convenience of shipping your belongings not only with ease but also with security. We pick up and deliver your boxes or furniture pieces with a dedicated truck to your new home or commercial space within the San Diego area. No matter how large and demanding your moving needs are, we always provide the same exceptional service to every customer. From your door to the destination, every package and piece of furniture is handled using exceptionally powerful logistic programs. You never have to fear that anything will get lost, broken, or delivered to the wrong location because the truck we’ll be using is going to be dedicated to you and you only.

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