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Driving a moving truck is one thing that most people need professional help with. At the beginning of the moving process, you may think that the actual transportation is one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. Sometimes, customers underestimate the packing and unpacking process. Packing everything in your house using the proper materials and techniques takes a lot of time and energy. Unpacking it on the other end takes even more. In your busy lifestyle, do you really have the time to take on this massive project? Whether you have the smallest apartment, the largest house in town, or a piece of commercial property that needs clearing out quickly, hiring experienced and careful professionals to get everything wrapped up and in boxes makes a lot of sense.


The best movers offer multiple options when it comes to packing services. We can show up at your residential or commercial property with all the necessary supplies and equipment to efficiently pack up everything from large furniture and appliances to the smallest home decor item.



Our trained team knows how to get everything safely stowed and secured quickly.


Forget ordering expensive retail boxes and other materials when we provide the equipment at more budget-friendly prices.


Finding time and energy to properly wrap-up every item can cause a lot of stress. After all, you have to keep taking the kids to school, going to your job, and dealing with everyday life during the entire process.


Depending on your budget, available time, energy, and interests, you can hire Grizzly Moving to pack different amounts or types of your belongings. Feel free to call us and discuss your particular needs with our customer service providers so we can guide you to choose the right option.

Furniture only

We always wrap your furniture with our high-grade professional moving blankets, then shrink-wrap them to protect the furniture. They are our standard procedure of our moving services (unless customer opt not to do so, but please be aware that usually just the plastic wrap is not enough protection, especially when truck is moving, things could shift inside, and sitting on top of each other in the storage for a long time. We can definitely not wrap your items with blankets and/or shrink wrap, but please understand and sign the damage waiver when the crew arrives to you.)

Packing Living room, Bedrooms, Bathrooms items into Boxes


Normally, customer will complete self-packing before the move; ANYTHING small enough to fit in a moving box (lamps, clothes, shoes, bedding, books, kitchenware, electronics, small appliances, and etc., also, all light bulbs and lampshades must be removed and packed by customer) will be expected to be pre-packed ahead of time; Grizzly Moving will ONLY move EMPTY furniture and pre-packed, properly sealed, and labeled boxes; If packing is requested during the move, additional charges may be added


If you would like our crew to do the packing, we will come with boxes (charges for boxes depending on actual usage, without your hassle to purchase boxes in the local store and figure out how many boxes you need then potentially return the rest), pack them according to weight limits of each boxes


Please put heavy items in the small boxes, and light items in the bigger box and pack tightly to avoid shifting inside the box to cause damages)


We usually ask customers to empty the furniture completely, for several reasons
 1. The items inside the furniture could be shifting around during the move and inside the truck, and easily get damaged.
 2. The items inside the furniture could result in an extra amount of weight, making it hard for the movers to lift and maneuver, and could potentially cause damages to the furniture or to the house.
 3. The extra weight could collapse the furniture itself, especially during shifting inside the truck
 4. The extra weight could make the labor force to run out of man-power, and cause quicker fatigue to potentially work slower

However, if none of the above reasons could apply to your situation, you can leave the items inside the furniture (in this case, your clothes, but similar analogy applies to all furniture you are planning on moving), just be aware that if you leave them in, any damages occurred would be your responsibility. If the movers arrive and assess that they need to be moved out, they can help you or you can do it yourself, but that could increase the duration of your move.

Kitchenware packing

Add contents of your kitchen to a regular packing service job. All of the fragile dishes and equipment you use in this most important room in your house deserves special treatment to prevent breakage and more.

Whole property

Both residential and commercial property owners who need to move frequently choose packing services for the entire property. We will box, wrap, tape, and label everything on the property to move it for you efficiently.


Do you really want to take the time to unpack everything once you move into your new home? Moving is stressful enough without living amid piles of boxes and wrapped up furniture for days or weeks. Get the full-service treatment with our excellent unpacking services that puts every piece of furniture in place and every box in the correct room for you. Contact Grizzly Moving in San Diego to learn more about how we pack, transport, and unpack all of your belongings with the utmost care and attention. Call us today at 844-474-9959 or send an email at book@grizzlymoving.com with any questions or to request a free price quote.