Considering the amount of investment you would do in a truck if you rent a truck all by yourself, it is better to go by truck sharing. Moreover, the empty space won’t be of any use to you. The individual truck owners collaborate with us and we provide their trucks for moving services. The prices we offer are exceptionally affordable and much cheaper than the traditional service providers. Our services are better, faster and safer as well. We have all the necessary legal documents and insurance coverage as well and the same might or might not be the case with other local truck owners. Moreover, we treat your belongings as if it were our own and take great care of it. The truck sharing is provided for both local and distant needs. You might as well do your research and then see who is better.

We believe in building trust in the customers’ community because this is what will ultimately help our business to grow. So, we have expert movers and the best drivers to ensure the safety of your stuff after it has been loaded into trucks for transit to another location. Our representative maintains a highly professional profile and provides assistance in each step. You can keep a track of the truck’s location and know about the estimated time it will take to reach the final destination. We also ensure that our services take the least amount of time. We also have an excellent customer care support that will answer all your related queries and keeps a close eye on every step.


If you rent a truck all by yourself, then all the lifting and deposition work will have to be done by you. You will have to pack all the stuff and securely keep it in the truck and make sure the boxes don’t move. Otherwise, there can be a lot of harm caused to your belongings ranging from minor to complete destruction. You will also have to invest a lot in other tools and supplies like furniture carpets and pads, varied sizes boxes, toolboxes and etc. Furthermore, all these tools will not be of any use once the shifting has been done.
Grizzly moving allows you to choose the timings as per your convenience and select the time slot that works best for you. Once you hire our services, the truck will be at your doorstep with our representatives at your preferred time and we can proceed with the shifting work. You only need to pay us the quoted amount in the contract and no add ons will be shown later against any conditions. You can also choose the size of the truck depending upon the number of packages you have. So, if you are looking for a truck to rent then Grizzly Moving is going to be your one-stop solution. We understand that the same solution will not benefit all the customers so we incorporate special techniques for every individual customer.