Sales Associate

Sales Associate


Sales Lead (40 hours per week)

Potential Path: Sales Lead -> Sales Manager -> Sales VP


The mission of this position is to drive the sales revenue up, and build an exceptional company reputation to our clients along the way, with minimum supervision and a high work ethics as well as motivating the entire salesforce and marketing force; increases including but not limited to: increasing of the amount jobs, increasing revenue of each job, increasing the customer sources to better and more fitting customer demographics, increasing customer service quality, increasing moving crew’s customer service ability, etc.


– Attention to detail
– Efficient
– Organization & planning
– Integrity with commitments
– Fast response times
– Proactive
– Aggressiveness & hustle
– Persistence
– Analytical skills​



– Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
– Google Calendar, Google Drive
– Type faster than 50 word per minute (Average Typing Speed Nationwide: 44wpm)


– Elromco
– Google Forms
– Google Analytics / Google Ads
– Additional Sales Related Software


– The SPS WAY (from the book)

  1. Honesty & integrity Always Win
  2. Fail Fast, Fail Forward, Fail Often
  3. Hard Work & Continuous Improvement
  4. Everyone Is Responsible for Facilitating Change
  5. Best Is the Standard

– Additional came up:

  1. Teamwork makes the dream work
  2. Be a leader, own up to your mistakes, and push forward even if someone falls behind
  3. Always seek for long-term benefit of things we do
  4. Constantly scan, identify & secure new talents
  5. Save the Planet


-​ Personality: A-Team Player, Go-Getter, Honest

– Skills:

  1. listen to customers’ needs,
  2. work magic to book jobs with maximized profitability,
  3. detail oriented,
  4. creative thinking,
  5. critical thinking

-​ Strength:

  1. Do not get distracted by other people’s mistakes or drags,
  2. push forward to sales without sacrificing the quality of customer services,
  3. listen to customers’ needs, no harsh feelings towards unhappy customers and calm them down when needed


– Bachelor’s degree or senior year of graduation of a bachelor’s degree must
– Must know how to use Microsoft office, Google calendar
– Preferable with sales experience
– Preferable sales or CRM software knowledge


Month 1: Day 1 – Day 30

Month #1 is all about setting you up for success. The first month is vital to your role here in Grizzly. The first month will consist of a 4-week training period where, together, we will build a strong foundation for you to build upon independently going forward. You will learn all the skills necessary to be successful in your position. Expectations will be tempered, but strong, steady progression will be key.

Month 2: Day 31 – Day 60

Month #2’s focus should be on putting month #1’s learnings into action. Expectations are higher than the previous month and you should be showing more progression in your daily tasks and handling of customers. Overall, more initiative should be shown throughout this month in terms of trying to grow within your position. You should begin, with assistance, to work on handling more advanced calls such as an unhappy customer or incident.

Month 3: Day 61 – Day 90

In the third month you are expected to be able to complete all daily tasks without any supervision and you should be able to handle support cases as they come in with little to no assistance. Expectations will be much higher and you will be expected to complete customer cases, have great communication with your team, and be able to meet goals in a consistent manner. This month is key to your 100 day review as it will be your first month being mostly independent and doing your duties to their full capacity.

Measurable for Quarter (the quarters are defined as each 3 months intervals from the starting day):

– 1st Quarter – basics Goal #2: Master our brand voice, company knowledge, and provide valuable advice and service to potential leads to convert them into company (Deliverable / Measurement of Success: To be determined by 100 day review).
– 2nd Quarter – mastering basics, and able to handle support calls appropriately
– 3rd Quarter – able to master sales effort including support, also able to enhance sales volume
– 4th Quarter – Analyze annual sales effort with management and determine next annual sales efforts

Grow into
  1. Sales associate – Mastering Sales skills
  2. Sales Lead:
    1. Managing a group of salespersons, responsible for the actions of training of new persons
  3. Sales Manager:
    1. Manage entire sales team efforts, supervising Sales Lead’s training process, analyze past sales to determine the goals, where lack of etc, project to VP of Sales for forecasting
    2. Initiating recruiting and hiring sales staff
  4. VP of Sales:
    1. Promote company products and services on a macro view
    2. Develop plans and strategies on quarterly and annual basis
    3. Manage sales teams, sales lead, sales manager
    4. Organize and maintain sales operations as well as working with other managers and VPs to make macro movement happen
    5. Manage sales budget, and projecting expenses
    6. Responsible for the decision of each sales staff and their promotions
    7. Motivate the sales team to achieve workplace goals
    8. Develop sales training programs (with sales manager)