СOVID-19 Service Update

Dear Customers,

During these challenging times, and while many businesses already ceased operations, I wanted to reach out to all of you with an update. We are hoping for your cooperation in an effort to make all of our experiences working together positive, smooth, and most of all safe for everyone’s health. Below I have listed a few things that we hope we could expect from you during your upcoming relocation project:

1. Following the official government advice, for both your wellbeing and ours, we have instructed all of our movers to wash their hands several times during each moving project. It is common that people often do not have their bathrooms set up in their brand new residences where they are moving into. We kindly ask you to provide soap, hand towels, and a working sink with faucet for our movers at all locations involved in your relocation project.

2. We have also instructed our movers to keep approximately 6-foot distance from all other individuals (including customers) as much as their situation allows. Please do not take it the wrong way if you notice our movers trying to keep several-feet distance from you. We will still be as courteous as we possibly could. 

3. Similarly, we have instructed all of our movers to avoid shaking hands and touching other people. Please be prepared for our movers to greet you and not shake your hand as people typically would when they meet someone new.

4. What if you see our movers closer than 6 feet to one another or allowing physical contact with one another? Yes, as much as it seems necessary, it is pointless for our movers to keep distance with one another as they would not be able to do so anyway while riding in the cab of our truck.

5. All of our movers are instructed to wear gloves and special face covers. Weeks ago, we have already chosen to replace N95 masks with special fabric face covers. We figured that fabric covers are much more practical since it could be washes and reused, plus it does not obstruct breathing through nose, and it simply feels much more comfortable than a surgical mask or an N95 mask. Based on the most recent government guidelines, fabric covers are indeed preferable over specialized masks!

6. We also provide vitamins C and E for our team to take everyday to boost our team’s immune system, as we care for the health of everyone on the team, and to provide continuous excellent service for our customers. We hope to have a Grizzly strong team! We also encourage you to take vitamins C (1000mg) and E (450mg), to battle the virus with some extra help 🙂

7. Finally, as we are taking precautions and all possible measures to prevent potentially spreading the virus into homes of our customers, we have employed a “zero tolerance sick policy”. This means that if any of our customers show any signs or symptoms similar to that of COVID-19, we would be forced to refuse our services immediately. We urge you to be mindful of our health and the health of our other customers as well, and if you experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please promptly cancel your move with us and call the nearest hospital to get further directions. A human life could not possibly be more important than a bunch of furniture delayed getting moved!


YES! We have been bombarded with emails and phone calls due to the recent Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive “STAY IN” order issued on Thursday, March 19th. Everyone wants to know whether their upcoming relocation project is still happening as scheduled. To the best of our knowledge, we only see two possible ways we could stop operating:

1. If an official order to cease all transportation-related activities comes from one of the state or federal governing agencies. These are California Highway Patrol (CHP), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Department of Transportation (DOT), or Sheriff’s or Police Department . Technically, these are the only entities that could enforce rules on us.

2. If one of our own gets infected. All of our employees have families, their wives and kids have friends, and so on. Each one of our employees has a high chance of bringing the virus in from outside of or company. As much as we wish we had a say in it, unfortunately, we do not have any control over our employees’ personal interactions. In case if the virus infiltrates our team, in order to protect our customers, we would immediately quarantine the entire company and send out a mass email informing everyone that we have no choice but to cease operations.

Unless one of the above scenarios takes place, we are planning to go above and beyond to make all of your upcoming relocation projects smooth, efficient, and on schedule! 

If for any reason, we have to make any changes to any existing reservations (including cancelling or rescheduling), we will promptly notify our customers either directly or with a mass email and a follow up phone call. 


I strongly suggest not cancelling your reservations abruptly until the situation becomes more certain.

Arthur B.
Grizzly Moving, LLC